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26 Reflection on Undergraduate Research Reflection – Keaton Rosquist

Keaton Rosquist (University of Utah)

Faculty Mentor: Anandh Velayutham (Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, University of Utah)


When I began my research for the summer, I had a lot of concerns and questions. I soon found that any concerns that I may have had previously were quickly resolved as I began to work with my lab group. Our research was extremely interesting as it had a lot that is clinically based. In our lab we utilized a lot of techniques that were taught to us in classes. We utilized western blotting, PCR, and histology staining to view our results. I had the opportunity to design a research project. Study previous works relating to my own research concern and I learned how to implement a protocol to find data that would lead me to a conclusion. I have found a new love for the research field that I did not think was present before. I have seen the need for more people in the research field and what more we can learn. I want to become a medical doctor and research as I have further found out is an important way to understand what is wrong with the human body and what can be done to help the body. I know this experience will stay with me throughout my career in the medical field. I plan to implement my research skills and experiences in a way that will make me a better healthcare practitioner. 

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