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47 Reflection on Undergraduate Research Experience – Cody Howell Page

Cody Howell Page (University of Utah)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kendall Gerdes (Writing and Rhetoric Studies, University of Utah)


The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program gave me the chance to further develop my passion for writing as I focused on issues that were important to me and to the strength of my community. I have learned that one does not need to be a powerful business owner, a prestigious professor, or a politician to make a difference, rather as an undergraduate student, I can be a force for good through my writing and research. As a future law school student, I initially participated in UROP to prepare myself for the reading and writing that is so prevalent in law school, and while it has done that, my participation has changed the type of law I want to practice. As a future attorney, I want to help minority owned businesses and social entrepreneurs start companies to make a difference and solve social issues in the communities in which they live. 

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