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2 Reflection on Undergraduate Research Experience – Liuchen (Tony) Chen

Tony (Liuchen) Chen (University of Utah)

Faculty Mentor: Annie Isabel Fukushima (Division of Ethnic Studies, University of Utah)


I worked with Dr. Fukushima in state-wide research on domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking among Asian communities; this study led by the Gender-Based Violence Consortium explored survivor and community needs to reduce violence. I assisted Dr. Fukushima with the creation and updating of a roster or list of organizations to reach out to share information about the study among Asian immigrants and Asian diasporic communities in Utah, coordinated interviews with participants in English, taking notes, listened for patterns and themes, analyzed research results by organizing and interpreting the data, evaluating the interview transcript, attended the Undergraduate Research Education Series to enhance research skills, and presented the research project at The Virtual Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium.


I am majoring in Family, Community, and Human Development. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Social Work or Human Development and later pursue Ph.D. programs. I have a deep passion for social justice to help better develop an equitable and healthy society. I am interested in participating in research, especially research related to intimate relationships, human development, and family issues. This research project involves domestic violence and deeply connects to my aim of a deeper understanding of serious relationships and family issues. I strongly believe this UROP project benefits my studies and career by enhancing my research skills and preparing me as a graduate student, and researcher.

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