31 Questions to Consider

  1. If our scientific knowledge is shaped by social values and prejudices, then what about our moral knowledge? Is it better off in some regard? How confident can we be about the moral judgments we make about Victorians, for example?
  1. Popper was very confident that the open society is tolerant of a wide range of views but was absolutely not tolerant of intolerance. In other words, anyone who wants to shut down others in expressing their views is not welcome in the open society. Is this a bug in his system or a feature?
  1. Suppose I want to be a scientist but don’t want to complicate my life with all of the moral concerns brought up in this chapter. I don’t want to participate in evil; I just want to understand nature. Is there some kind of strategy I can follow to make sure I can do my work without worrying about its social implications?


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