8 Questions to Consider

  1. Suppose some event indicated that you really were living in a GDD situation. Suppose, for example, a pop-up screen entered your visual field in real life and notified you that you are living in a simulation. How would your life change—if at all? Explain.
  1. Our senses give us a misleading picture of the world, and news media oversimplify and exaggerate events. At any moment some high number of our beliefs are false (though we don’t know which ones). But these facts do not ordinarily trouble us. Does the GDD add anything new that is especially troubling? Or should we be more troubled than we typically are about ordinary life?
  1. “The GDD refutes itself. For if we were in a GDD situation, then our ability to conceive of demons, mad scientists, or even God is unconnected with whatever reality there is. So we cannot trust our ideas about such things, and thus, we cannot trust our idea that the GDD is even possible.” Discuss.


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