Welcome to UCUR 2023

It is an honor to serve as the co-chairs for the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research 2023 which was held at the University of Utah, February 17, 2023. This year, the conference features 644 different presentations: poster, oral, and performance. As conference goers and post-conference folks, visit the program, they will find that it is organized by areas of research: arts, business, dentistry, education, engineering, health and medicine, humanities, nursing, science and technology, social sciences, social work, interdisciplinary, and other. Participants self-selected the area that represents their research.

We recognize that research is made possible because of the interests, commitment and curiosities in undergraduate researchers, in collaboration with mentors, and for some, research teams of students, faculty and staff. UCUR represents the problems being solved by students across the state of Utah and the dynamic methods, modalities, and questions they seek to answer.

This year’s conference was organized by a conference committee, included sponsors, and partnerships within the University of Utah and beyond – it is because of this collective work that this conference was made possible. We are grateful for the partnerships that have made possible this state-wide conference featuring undergraduate research across the state.

UCUR 2023 Co-Chairs

Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Director, Office of Undergraduate Research, University of Utah
Cindy Greaves, Program Manager, Office of Undergraduate Research, University of Utah
Megan Shannahan, Academic Program Manager, University of Utah


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