UCUR 2023

The University of Utah committee would like to thank the following:

    • Tiffany Baffour, Graduate School Diversity Office
    • Jeff Bates, Materials Science and Engineering
    • Shelly Christensen, Marketing & Communications
    • Ruby Coria, TRIO
    • Daniel Cario, Student Diversity & Inclusion
    • Eli Covarrubias, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Clarisa Depari, Office of the Vice President for Research
    • Anne Dibble, Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Marissa Diener, LEAP/Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Anne Engar, Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Drake Everlove, Learning Analytics and Outcomes Assessment
    • Annie Isabel Fukushima, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Claudia Geist, Gender Studies & Sociology
    • Jordan Gerton, Physics & Astronomy
    • Cindy Greaves, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Jakob Jensen, Humanities & Communication
    • Toya Jules, Impact Scholars
    • Tony Lam, TRIO
    • Lauri Linder, College of Nursing
    • Caroline Luman, Academic Advising Center
    • Debbie Matticks, Undergraduate Studies Dean’s Office
    • Megan Medina, Bennion Center
    • Roshetta Mokofisi, Graduate School Diversity Office
    • Abigaile Molzer, Student Success and Transformative Experiences
    • Anne Morrow, Marriott Library
    • Shelly Parker, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Louise Pedersen, Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Brendon Quirk, Geology & Geophysics
    • Jude Ruelas, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Megan Shannahan, Office of Undergraduate Research
    • Davor Simunovic, Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Cassie Slattery, College of Science
    • Virginia Solomon, Honors College
    • Mark St. Andre, Office of Undergraduate Studies
    • Bryce Williams, First-Year Utah, Office of Undergraduate Studies



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