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lockout- See sigout.

sig-out- Sometimes called a “lockout.” The last words a reporter says when wrapping up a package, usually identifying themselves, their outlet, and their location. Here’s an example. The words “Brian Champagne, Fox 13 News, Utah” are the sig-out. What the anchor says afterward is a tag:

SOT- Stands for Sound On Tape. Part of a standup or VOSOT where recorded sound is taken full. Can be a spoken soundbite or other compelling audio.

Standup- also spelled stand-up or stand up. The part of a package where the reporter appears on camera, talking into the lens, explaining part of the story. Should be creative and interactive (see thumbsucker)

Tag- Information read typically on-camera that follows a package or vosot. An example is in the sig-out video.

Thumbsucker- Derogatory term for a standup where the reporter just stands in front of something (often holding a stick mic) like a sign or building without interacting with the environment.

TRT- Stands for Total Run Time. The length of a package or SOT with a set outcue. VOs may have TRTs, but since they may have pad, they just let a director know how long they may keep them running before they end. A producer can plug a pkg or SOT TRT into a rundown, but VOs must be timed according to the anchor’s script.

VO- Stands for Voice-Over. A stand-alone VO has an anchor talking while the viewer sees video, often pre-recorded and edited, though it may be live. It is also the part of a VOSOT where the anchor talks. In a package, it is any part where the viewer hears a reporter’s or soundbite’s voice but sees different video.


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