About the Authors

The main author is Brian Champagne of Utah State University. He started his career 1988 at KGET (NBC) in Bakersfield, California. He then worked at KEYT (ABC) in the Santa Barbara station’s Santa Maria Bureau. After building up a photographer’s resume under renowned photographer Herb Tuyay, he went on to KTXL (Fox) in Sacramento. He worked with some great reporters there, and started his on-camera work reporting on the Automotive Beat. He also promoted to Chief Photographer, supervising a staff of nine. After ten years in Sacramento he was hired to staff the KUTV (CBS) Utah County Bureau in the Salt Lake City market. He took some time out from news to work on a college sports show and do corporate video and commercials before going back to KUTV and resuming his Automotive reporting once a week.

Now full-time at USU, he does fill-in shifts at Salt Lake City affiliates, shoots news video for affiliates and networks, and produced a weekly automotive news segment for KSTU (Fox) from 2013-2018.

The Producing Chapter is written by Kiera Farrimond. Kiera works as executive producer at KSL (NBC) in Salt Lake City, but has also worked at KUTV and KPIX (CBS) in San Francisco.

The Radio Chapter is written by Brianna Bodily. Brianna works at KSL Newsradio in Salt Lake City, but has also worked for Utah Public Radio.

Kiera and Brianna get shorter bios because hey, one chapter. Rest assured they know what they’re talking about.


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