Editor’s Acknowledgements

David: To my mentors, Wesley (Father), Dean (High School Coach), and Russ (Dissertation Chair). To my wife, Shirlene, who continues to provide unwavering love and support.

Nora: To Dr. Patsy Bovery for introducing me to the mentoring world. To Kathy Kram, David Clutterbuck, Lois Zachary (decd), Brad Johnson, Fran Kochan, and Joe Pascarelli (decd) for their lifelong career dedicated to mentoring and their unconditional support. To Juan, Gaby, and Iván Pineda, the pillars of my life. To my parents, Juan and Carmen Domínguez, for being exemplary role models.

The National Institutes of Health partially supported research reported in this publication under the NIH/NIGMS U01GM132175-01 award.

To Tamara Thorpe, the Millennials Mentor and founder of Real Mentors Network, for her thorough podcast preparation resulting in engaging and insightful interviews with contributing authors. To learn more about Tamara and Real Mentors Network, visit

To Kim Hales for her availability and professionalism in providing countless hours of internal copyediting.

To Jennie Swanson for providing helpful, clear, concise external copyediting and always adhering to deadlines. We highly recommend Jennie’s copyediting. Those seeking Jennie’s services can contact her at

To Diana Negus for efficiently and effectively coordinating the author’s final reviews, pictures, and profile links.

To Travis Thurston, series editor, for guidance in preparing the handbook from concept to publication, designing the associated webpage, and ensuring the website functions as intended.

To Shelley Arnold, Heather Jensen, Christina Hartman, Neal Legler and Claire Mantz for your contributions in organizing and editing the webpages, troubleshooting Pressbooks, and captioning podcast episodes. And to Erica Finch and our colleagues in USU Libraries for supporting this book series.

To students, staff, faculty, and administrators in the Utah State University statewide campus system for their support and involvement in the faculty-to-student mentoring program.

To the University of New Mexico’s students, staff, faculty, and executive leaders for their trust and confidence in the Mentoring Institute.

To all the contributing authors for their dedication and commitment to mentoring. Thanks for entrusting us with your submitted work.


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